Pip Wilcox Ceramics Comes Home

I made a rather spontaneous decision this summer to set myself up with a studio in our house, rather than to wait the many months it would take to convert our garage. I'm so happy in my new workspace - here's a little peek! The one and only downside of this is that I've needed to concentrate on setting myself up here which has delayed the release of a new batch of work. You have been so patient with me and the many warm wishes I've received have meant a great deal to me. I'm delighted to say that having today unloaded my first test biscuit-firing from my shiny new kiln, a small shop update is edging ever closer. And now that I've almost fully settled into my new environment I'll be able to make new work available to you on a far more regular basis. I'll keep you posted via my newsletter, Instagram, Facebook page and Twitter once I have a date for the next shop update and can't wait to start sending my work out again very soon!

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