Ceramics Club Membership


If you enjoy my ceramics, like surprises (as well as certainty!) and gain pleasure from belonging then this might make you happy.

As a Member of the Ceramics Club you will receive four pieces of my work over a 12-month period.* 

* Please read the Small Print (below) about the Ceramics Club before purchasing a Membership.

Why have a Ceramics Club?

I'm fortunate in having some pretty special people cheering me on from the sidelines and one of them recently expressed her thoughts about the Ceramics Club rather beautifully when she wrote:

I love the idea of forming a small community of dedicated followers and collectors, and hopefully having the privilege of observing the maturing aesthetics of your collections.

(Alexa Lazar)

I produce a relatively small amount of work which means I'm only able to re-stock my online store a limited number of times each year. I know it can be frustrating if you enjoy my work and miss out on the opportunity of purchasing it - one of the aims of my Ceramics Club is to help with this. As a Member you'll have the certainty of knowing that several of my pieces definitely have your name on!

Plus, of course, membership is fun and so are surprises. And knowing that you've got a special treat coming your way every season is something exciting to look forward to.

It's been such a pleasure for me to design this Membership offering and to plan what I'll be making for my inaugural Members - I can hardly wait to send out your first piece!

Pip x

* Small Print

  1. The current cost of one year's Ceramics Club Membership is £150, or £175 for the Bud Vase Edition, plus Shipping (see next point).
  2. In order for your Ceramics Club Membership purchase to be valid it must be bought at the same time as the relevant Shipping add-on (available in my online shop). More information about shipping can be found here.
  3. As a Member you'll receive four pieces of my work over the course of your Membership year. These four pieces will be chosen by me - in other words, the exact nature of what you receive will be a special surprise!
  4. Members' pieces will usually be posted in January or February, April or May, July or August and October or November.
  5. It's vital to me that you feel you're being treated to something special with this Membership. As such, the combined price of the four pieces you receive during the year of your Membership will always be greater than the cost of your Membership**.
  6. Refunds are not available on Membership.
  7. If you'd like to give Membership as a gift please email me at hello@pipwilcoxceramics.com after you have purchased and I can arrange this with you.
  8. Members are responsible for letting me know if they move - unless I'm told otherwise I'll default to sending Members' pieces to the original address given to me - and although I'm always keen to help, I'm afraid it will be down to the Member to resolve if this results in my work being sent to an out-of-date address!

    ** if these four pieces were purchased as full-price items in the normal way