Blue and White platter II
Blue and White platter II

Blue and White platter II


This platter is hand-built and the blue cobalt oxide decoration is later painted on by hand. High-fire stoneware clay and lead-free glaze are used. 

All work is handmade by me. Each piece is intentionally unique - no two items are the same. I hope you agree that this is part of what makes these pieces special. More information about my aesthetic can be found here

  • Platter is approximately 24.5 cm long x 14 cm wide.
  • Unglazed on underside.
  • Hand wash only.
  • White glaze can sometimes craze, mark and stain.
  • The bottom of this piece may cause damage to furniture surfaces if care is not taken.
  • Price quoted is for one platter. 
  • Shipping information can be found here.  
Many thanks for your interest in my work.